This Spring, Spread the Word is delighted to partner with FROG Literary Agency for our latest 1-2-1 feedback opportunity – offering LGBTQIA+ writers the chance to have an extract from their novel read and given feedback by a literary agent. Black, Asian or Global Majority writers are particularly invited to submit.

From Friday 3 May, we’ll be accepting submissions of literary fiction, commercial fiction including historical, crime and thriller, romance fiction, and non-fiction for a maximum of 4 short feedback sessions from Andrew James, literary agent and founder of FROG Literary Agency.

Andrew is offering to provide short feedback sessions by phone or video call on up to 4 submissions from LGBTQIA+ writers from underrepresented backgrounds based in the UK.

He is looking for: stories with a trans protagonist across literary, commercial and romance; historical fiction with queer characters; stories about the impact of Section 28; stories that explore the complexity of gay lives that are not solely focussed on sex or AIDS; queer romance; experimental and inventive literary fiction; anything that takes an existing heteronormative trope/genre/story and queers it up.

In non-fiction, he is specifically looking for: narrative non-fiction; books by and for asexual, demisexual and pansexual people; ideas on the future of LGBTQIA+ rights/identities; lesbian memoir and anthologies; and hard-hitting books about gender identity.

You’re eligible to apply if you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community* based in the UK, are un-agented and unpublished, and also from one or more backgrounds underrepresented in publishing.

We define this as:

  • Are a Black, Asian, or Global Majority writer
  • Are disabled
  • Are on a low income (in receipt of benefits, universal credit, income support, earn minimum wage or Zero hours contracts)
  • Are working class
  • Have experienced a lack of academic and/or vocational training opportunities - i.e. have not been able to study/train to your full potential due to low income, ill health, being a carer etc.
  • Are or have been a carer
  • Experience of homelessness
  • Experience of imprisonment
  • Are a refugee
  • Are a single parent

*LGBTQIA+ community: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and other self-identifications under the umbrella of sexuality and/or gender.

The purpose of the feedback session is to receive advice and support on the documents you have submitted. At the discretion of the agent participating, it may lead to further discussion of your work or requests as per standard agenting processes.

How to apply  

You can apply for this opportunity via this page. Only one entry per applicant will be accepted.

To apply, you will need to upload 3 documents:

  • A covering letter of 1-2 pages that includes: A little information about yourself and your motivations for your project, how you meet the criteria for this opportunity and a summary of your writing endeavours to date (e.g. Have you taken part in writing development opportunities? Have you mainly been writing on your own at home?)
  • A one-page synopsis
  • An extract from your project (3,000 words maximum)

If you are a disabled writer, there is the option to submit visual or audio submissions. Please get in touch (email address below) if you need any support with this.

Andrew will be giving feedback on the documents that you submit.


  • Submissions will open at midday on Friday 3 May
  • The deadline for submissions is midday on Monday 3 June
  • Applicants will know the outcome of their submission by Mon 22 July and successful applicants will receive their feedback by 16 September 2024

If you have any queries about your application or this opportunity, please get in touch with and

About Andrew James

Andrew James is a Literary Agent at Frog Literary Agency - an agency solely dedicated to LGBTQIA+ writers - which he founded in 2023. He was formerly Editorial Director at Jessica Kingsley Publishers where he established their market-leading LGBTQIA+ list and he is a former co-Chair of the Hachette Pride Employee Network. ​In 2018, Andrew was selected as a Rising Star by The Bookseller and he has worked in publishing for over a decade.


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